Executive Coaching Program Options

  • 495 US dollars
  • 895 US dollars
  • 295 US dollars

Client may email, call or text coach during the coaching process at no additional cost


Visual Design Manager

Margie has a special way of helping people find their own answers.  When I worked with Margie I was in the middle of a personality conflict with a colleague. I saw no hope of things getting better, however, with Margie's coaching, I was able to envision and transform the tension into a successful working relationship that got results for my team and organization.  This was a huge professional milestone.

Bank Vice President

Margie is a great executive coach!  In the year we worked together as a part of a leadership program, Margie helped me with a break through to better understand my values and how to use them to prioritize my time.  She helped me develop a decision matrix so I can confidently say NO to some requests of my time - so I have room to say YES to the opportunities that will help me stretch and excite me.  I highly recommend Margie if you are looking for someone who is able to cut to the chase, ask tough questions and hold you accountable until you can hold yourself accountable.

Wastewater Shift Supervisor

As a newly promoted supervisor, I had challenges supervising the guys who had been my co-workers.  Through my coaching sessions with Margie I learned how to become a more confident and balanced leader.

Procurement Manager

I was unhappy in my job.  Margie helped me sort things out and gave me the courage to seek employment elsewhere  I left that job and am now extremely happy in a position that better suits me, my goals and values.